Unless More join the fight to save vaping, vaping as we know it will end in 2 years.

V.A.P.E Society was founded on a faith in the community, and a belief that many more would participate in defending it, if doing so was less painful, and more fun. V.A.P.E. Society is in the process of developing tools to minimize effort and maximize impact of every individual: we believe that it is only by working collectively, armed with the truth and tools to spread it at scale, can vaping be saved from de facto government prohibition. 

 Message Megaphone:
Digital Democracy in Action


legislators actually being held accountable, and voting on legislation based on fact not fear, progress not puritanism, and the public good, not special interests. Though it may seem like a dream, America used to have a word for it: Democracy.  V.A.P.E. Society believes that even though the process has become increasingly frustrating, America is still a Democracy, and all it will take to to protect Vaper rights, is to loudly and aggressively demand them. The Message Megaphone was conceived to make it as easy as possible for vapers to do just that: hold legislators accountable by letting them know that the millions of Vapers nationwide are not only Aware, Educated, and Actively demanding their rights be respected, but very well prepared to defend their rights to any legislative body, in addition to the public capable of holding those bodies accountable.

Testimony Builder:
Painless participation: Real Impact.

What if…

There was a way to take the guess work and fear out of participating in public hearings? That’s what V.A.P.E. Society hoped to accomplish with the Testimony builder. Much like the Message Megaphone, the Testimony builder will help Society Members by offering to use information already provided in the profile, to build a custom testimony to make participating in a public hearing a little more manageable. Politicians make a living intimidating people; don’t let them. V.A.P.E. Society hopes to provide the tools to make preparation a little easier, and give Members the same confidence they have talking about advocacy in shops, in public hearings where it can make a real difference.

After Hours Advocacy:
How to beat the system


one voice is powerless against hard headed bullies in power; that’s exactly what Vaping is up against, and why laws based on lies continue to pass. No matter how true, full of facts, or flawlessly delivered an individual’s testimony is, if it is limited to only 3 minutes? Legislators with pre-conceived anti-vaping agendas can always reject a single testimony as not comprehensive enough, or, if it’s comprehensive, reject it for not being detailed enough; it is simply impossible for an individual to accomplish both in 3 minutes. This is exactly how legislators dodge accountability during public hearings, and why bad laws harming vaping and the public health continue to pass; with a little collective action however, there would be nowhere to hide.