Our Philosophy: Communicate In Partnership

.LOGO 10-15-15

The  spear in the V.A.P.E. Society logo represents our strategy: generate and organize a massive grassroots effort, the “weight” of the spear, behind a well supported and focused argument for tobacco harm reduction, the “spear head.” Without more public support, the fight for Vaping is frankly already lost. Even with the most eloquent and insightful testimony from every currently active advocate, without the drumming of public support, advocate voices will simply not be heard. Likewise, the vaping public, without support to get the research,  organize testimonies, and schedule meetings with legislators, would be totally powerless against formidable lobbying associations like American Heart, American Lung, and American Cancer, which are all lined up against vaping. Together, however, there is no way to ignore the facts when they’re being screamed by 100s of thousands of vapers, now with new, improved, healthier lungs. The only way vaping will be saved is by everyday Vapers and Advocates working together. A spear head with no weight behind it might make a little nick, but it certainly won’t do too much damage, and getting hit by a blunt pole might hurt, but you’re not going down. Together, however, you have a formidable weapon to pierce through the shields of bureaucracy and special interests that are preventing people from accessing the life saving technology that vaping represents.
The Flag, representing the American Public, and the V.A.P.E. Society Cloud, representing the private vaping community, come together to form a simple shape: ><. V.A.P.E. Society’s goal is to cast the widest net and create the most comprehensive collection of vape resources, put it all in one place, and make it available to the widest audience possible.  The banners also represent our end goal of fully engaging multiple stakeholders in the Democratic process, having  different segments of Society come together for the common good and greater social welfare.
Vaping is fundamentally about providing a healthier alternative to smoking tobacco, and helping the millions currently addicted to cigarettes live longer, healthier, lives. Vape Culture is an important element of what makes vaping effective, but it is only as relevant as it’s ability to help people stop, or never start, cigarette consumption.  In the end, we want to help millions ‘break’ the cigarette habit.