Anti-Nicotine & Tobacco Zealots [ANTZ] are the Enemy:
Defeat them with ANTZ Spray.

ANTZ Spray addresses the common arguments against vaping, and provides those interested in promoting and protecting the public health, with the hard evidence they need to combat ignorance and lies.


Select a common misunderstanding of vaping from the left, and get all the evidence you need to prove the facts.

“Vaping worries me”

Article comparing emissions from vapor, air quality in an urban environment, and emissions of human breath Article raising exactly the same “concern” regarding perfume

“Vaping is just as bad as smoking”

The End Game for Tobacco

“2nd hand vapor is dangerous”

2015 article correctly analyzing composition of vapor emissions confirming aerosol is practically identical to GRAS e-liquid A systemic review of Vapor Safety confirming harmlessness Additional analysis of composition of vapor emissions confirming no harmful levels of toxicants